Le 20 May 2013 à 20:05 | mise à jour le 20 May 2013 à 21:47

Au revoir AY879: Paris RollerGirls All Stars Vs. Kallio Rolling Rainbow A

Résumé du bout AU REVOIR AY879 qui s'est déroulé à Helsinki (Finlande) samedi 18 mai 2013, opposant l'équipe All Star des Paris RollerGirls à la Team A des Kallio Rolling Rainbow sur le blog de Kozmic Bruise.

PRG VS KRRParis 182 - 243 Kallio

"A responsive gameplay despite an outnumbered Parisian team (10 players only). We held on, trying to manage both the benching and the strategy by ourselves, hopefully --and at the same time unfortunately-- helped by our injured jammer Joan Get27 at the coach benching. (...)"

La suite sur le blog de Kozmic.

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