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MPC Road War product recall

Dear MPC user, As the MPC distributor in Europe, we have become conscious of delaminating MPC wheels and braking hubs. Despite the percentage of failure wheels is not any higher than previous years and still matches high standards, we are aware of the impact and possible consequences of the wheels that do fail.

After extensive testing and research, we found out that it is one specific shipment of wheels, that faces delaminating problems. This batch went to the European market Februari 1, 2011. More specifically, the problems occur with Road War wheels, 110 millimeter, Firm and Ex-Firm. Please note that according to our research, delaminating of the urethane is the main failure. The braking of the hubs is in almost all cases the effect of a crash, not the cause.

We sincerely ask you to send back all MPC Road War 110mm wheels to your CadoMotus/MPC retailer. Only wheels purchased at a CadoMotus retailer after February 1st 2011 and only new wheels or minor used wheels are subject of warranty. This recall is valid until June 15th. After returned wheels will be examined by your retailer and CadoMotus, we will replace the wheels which are subject of warranty mid-June. Replacement wheels come from a new batch of MPC wheels which cope with our high quality standards.

We have set up our own Quality Research and we assure you that we handle every new MPC delivery with extra carefulness, in order to avoid any of these problems in the future. Our first tests have ascertained us that the new MPC wheels, which arrive mid-June, are of even better quality than in 2010. This means MPC wheels will remain to be the best inline skating wheels in the World.

We sincerely apologize for this situation and for any inconvenience which might have occurred as a result of failure wheels.

Sincerely yours,

CadoMotus Skating BV,
Diederik Hol

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