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Le Winterclash fait (trop) le plein

Le Winterclash fait (trop) le plein

L'organisation du Winterclash 2011 vient de nous informer qu'il n'y avait plus aucune place disponible pour assister à l'événement. De nombreuses personnes envoient de email pour entrer mais tout est déjà complet.
Le bâtiment ne peut pas accueillir davantage de spectateurs pour des raisons de sécurité.

Hello everybody,

Please read this information and spread the word about it. Tell it to your friends and to everybody you know who should hear this. As you know, the Winterclash 2011 is sold out. This is not because we think it's cool to limit the amount of tickets, but it's because the rules of Eindhoven don't allow more people in the skatepark. We need to take this safety rules seriously and can't change it. You guys sent us countless e-mails asking about more tickets and we feel REALLY sorry about the fact that we can't do anything about this situation. Please don't ask us about tickets anymore.

We hope for your understanding and we promise a huge liveupdate with videos, pictures and reports, so you will at least be able to watch the action at home. We really appreciate your understanding and hope to see you soon!

The Winterclash Team

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